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  • Vivo em Planet Earth ...(echo)...
  • Minha profissão é Contributing stuff to various wikis and doing other things and such...neh
  • Eu sou male

About meEditar

I'm an average guy with problems,don't talk much, isolated and with dreams. Dreams like being loved by who i am, from what i look like , and i really don't know if i should do something good or bad i have plans for the two things. I'm not creative whenever i feel like it, sometimes i can but its rare, it only happens when im with my friends. I'm starting my own manga called "Blade" its going well but i still can't drawn my characters without something to based it of, and i'm trying to be as original as possible it needs to have two things: Demons and Swords... And the main character is called "Shiro Kaminari".

My Manga

My Kind of MusicEditar

Death Note songs

Bleach songs

One Piece songs

DB/DBZ/DBGT Songs (Anime songs in general)

Wouldn't it be nice / beach boys




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